March 3rd, 2010

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Life imitates (my) art: female knuckleballer

In 2002, my fictional story "August 12, 2017" appeared in a small press magazine called Full Unit Hookup. The story was about the first female player in the major leagues, who happened to be a knuckleballing pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. Although the story had a science fiction angle, I reckoned that a female player might actually be able to make it to the majors if she were a knuckleballer, since the knuckleball does not require overpowering arm strength and speed.

Today, Hubby sent me a link to a story about a young female knuckleballer from Japan who learned to throw the knuckleball by watching videos of Red Sox veteran Tim Wakefield, and finally had the chance to meet him at spring training. I'd love to see this young woman make it to the pros.

Here's the news report about the Japanese player, Eri Yoshida:

If anyone would like to read my short story, feel free to drop me a line and I'll send it by e-mail. I'm not going to post it, because I think there might be potential for reprint sales. (That is, if I ever get around to sending out submissions again.)