March 10th, 2010

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UPS, I'm not impressed, or, Customer Service in the digital age

On Tuesday, UPS attempted delivery of a package requiring a signature at our house. The attempt failed, and they neglected even to leave a receipt to say they'd been. I hopped online and learned of the delivery attempt, whereupon I called the 800 number to reschedule the delivery. I got the usual voice menu which responded to my vocal replies, but there was no menu option for rescheduling a delivery nor was there a choice to speak to an actual PERSON. After the virtual "representative" repeated the unsatisfactory menu options once again, I said, "I want to speak to a person," and, much to my surprise, I was actually transferred to a live body. He was very nice, but told me they were "contractually obligated" to make the next two delivery attempts on Wednesday and Thursday. I then said that there used to be a way to reschedule a delivery, and he said that such an option was available for a charge of six dollars. So, let's see, in the UPS poor communication column we have no receipt on the door, incomplete listing of phone menu options (apparently you're supposed to be psychic), and no offer of the rescheduling solution even after I'd reached a person (I had to ask specifically about it). And then, of course, I get to pay extra money for all my trouble. Way to go, UPS!

By the way, when I complained to the representative about the lack of a "live person" option on the menu, he said the best thing to do on these fascist virtual menu systems is to say the word, "AGENT," and keep repeating it. That will usually get you transferred.