March 12th, 2010

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UPS, I'm even less impressed now

So the UPS saga continues. Did we receive the package today, on the rescheduled delivery day--of course not! This after I had called Tuesday to reschedule the delivery and called again on Thursday to make sure the delivery was set for today, because I had received a "final delivery attempt" notice on Thursday. It always sets off warning bells in my head when I know more about how the system works than the people who are actually employed by the company to help clients like me solve problems with their  service. I had told the agent on Thursday that there was an obvious conflict in the system because one note was saying that the final delivery attempt had been made and the other was saying that the delivery was rescheduled. She assured me everything was on track for today. WRONG!

So we are rescheduled again for Tuesday. This time, I actually talked to someone in the local depot who said he would personally receive the package in his hands and take it to the clerk to schedule it for Tuesday delivery.  The main office also said they would refund my money for the rescheduling, but I would need to call again on Monday because the payment wouldn't post until Saturday.

I'm a big fan of computers and automation, but it becomes clearer and clearer that automated systems, and especially the people who use them, are ill-equipped to deal with any kind of exception to the standard operating procedure. This extends from UPS, to pharmacy refills, to satellite TV service. In this case, there were two errors: the local office never noticed the rescheduling order and the second telephone agent couldn't see the problem even after I pointed out to her. ugh!