May 4th, 2010

Malibu headshot

40s news clipping of my mom

This tattered clipping of my dear departed mom, probably from the late 40s, while she was still single, appeared in the Boston Traveler newspaper. Yes, that is a rooster in the foreground. Mom told the story a few times, and, as I remember it, she was working as an elevator operator in a hotel next to Boston Garden. At that time, Boston Garden had all kinds of shows--rodeos, circuses, etc. I'd swear she even said she took Roy Rogers and Trigger up on the elevator once. Anyway, on this day some publicity gent got on the elevator, and noticing her long wavy black hair, thought it would be a great contrast with the white rooster, who was some sort of prize winner, for a photo op.

You know I'm not making this one up, because I have the clipping to prove it. :-)