May 20th, 2010

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Maternal Lines: my new online reading + old photo

I have a new online reading that just went live as part of the Broad Pod, a podcast sponsored by Broad Universe. The theme for the month is mothers in honor of Mother's Day, and I did two readings, "Steerage," a poem I wrote that appeared in Would That It Were, and an excerpt from "Family Movie," a story by JC Runolfson, which appeared in my anthology Cinema Spec: Tales of Hollywood and Fantasy. My section begins around the 9:20 point. Here's the link:

Other readers for this program include Sue Burke, Theresa Crater, Roberta Gregory, and Kathryn Hinds. Please check it out and support speculative fiction and poetry written by women!

Continuing the maternal lines theme, here's a photo of my late mom, my brother and me circa 1955. Found this at my Dad's apartment last April, and, frankly, thought it was one of the cutest things I'd ever seen. Miss you, Mom!