June 15th, 2010

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Praise for efficiency: LSI and Broad Universe

In a recent post I was discussing my hate affair with UPS, at least in terms of their service as I have experienced it. I thought it might be nice now, in contrast, to offer some praise where it is due, helping to balance out the karmic scales.

First kudos go to LSI, a.k.a. Lightning Source, my POD printer and wholesaler. LSI was the sender of the overnight package, a proof copy of Retro Spec, which was misdelivered by UPS to a neighbor and showed up a day late. I asked for a partial refund of the shipping cost from LSI, since I didn't receive overnight service (and presumably they could make a claim against UPS). Not only did LSI offer me a credit without complaint, they refunded the whole amount, including the cost of the book, which was above and beyond the call of duty. Very classy.

Next up in the praise parade is Broad Universe, an organization which promotes the work of women writers of science fiction, fantasy and horror. I renewed my membership today, and the BU web maven, Kathy Sullivan, has already updated my biography and URL on the site, and sent me a personal acknowledgment. That kind of efficiency is rare in a volunteer organization. Thanks, Kathy and BU!