October 12th, 2010

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Jack-o'-Spec tip # 2

Well, I've only read about 20 submissions so far, and they're already starting to look the same. When I offer a tip like this, some folks writing tend to get nervous, but this one isn't for you if you're already well into your piece. Just send it when you're done! This one is for folks who haven't started yet.

The title and cover of the anthology notwithstanding, I won't go to press solely with stories and poems about jack-o'-lanterns and pumpkins. Similarly, I'm already seeing a lot of swirling leaves and other autumnal staples. I'd like to see something DIFFERENT. Science fiction would be most welcome. How about Halloween someplace other than on Earth? Or an alternate reality where the Halloween traditions aren't the same? Originality will make your work stand out from the rest.

Guidelines are here: