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November 9th, 2010

As a veteran of many dieting campaigns, I've always said that cutting calories is THE most important factor in achieving success. Still, I'm surprised he didn't get sick from all those sweets.


Jack-o'-Spec: Tales of Halloween and Fantasy is about halfway full, with many good pieces on hold. If you're waiting in the holds pile, you have about a 50-50 chance of making it. Not meaning to torture anyone--I'm moving as fast as I can, which has been pretty fast.

Here's what I've accepted so far:

  • Paul L. Bates, "Unwanted Children," fiction.
  • Robert Borski, "Halloween (The Planet)," poem.
  • Bruce Boston, "Halloween Hunchback," poem.
  • Nancy Ellis Taylor, "Dia de los Muertos/LA," poem.
  • Michael M. Jones, "Who Killed the Pumpkin King?" fiction.
  • Geoffrey A. Landis, "Monsters," poem.
  • Joe Nazare, "The Day after Halloween," fiction.
  • Jason S. Ridler, "The Night Ol' Jack Came Back," fiction.
  • Alexandra Seidel, "Lanterns," poem.
  • Marge Simon, "Traditions," fiction.
  • Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy, "Forty-Eight Hours a Year," fiction.
  • John F.D. Taff, "The Lacquered Box," fiction.

The deadline for submissions is Monday, 15 November, a week from yesterday. Guidelines are here: