Karen A. Romanko (ravenelectrick) wrote,
Karen A. Romanko

Sporty Spec at Barnes & Noble (low price) + Why did the coyote cross the street

Sporty Spec: Games of the Fantastic is now available online at Barnes & Noble. The price is discounted 10% from $13.95 to $12.55, and even further for members to $11.29.

If you've been waiting to get Sporty Spec, now might be the time, as I'm a bit surprised they're discounting it at all, and I'm wondering how long the discount will last. From what I've heard, the distributor (Ingram) usually only offers a small discount to retailers on POD books purchased in small quantities, which is why you don't see a discount at Amazon.

Sporty Spec has been my obsession since April, so naturally that's been (almost) all I've been talking about on my blog. This weekend I did shake off my Sporty Spec-itis to go out with Bob for a little Christmas shopping (but not before dropping off a copy of Sporty Spec for consignment consideration by the buyers at Vroman's, a large independent bookstore in Pasadena.) I then spent several hours buying Christmas cards, gift cards, a couple of red sweaters for Christmas, and not thinking about Sporty Spec.

As I was waiting in the car for Bob while he picked up a DVD rental, I saw a coyote trying to cross Foothill Boulevard in La Canada. Wily C. was doing a deft job of dodging several oncoming cars. Foothill Boulevard, though bordered by mountains, is a large retail area, and I was surprised to see a coyote there, especially at that time (only around 8 p.m.). The poor little beast finally retreated, but after we pulled out of the parking lot, he made another attempt, and I'm happy to say he successfully traversed both sides of the divided street, without injuring himself or causing an accident. It made me wonder what he was doing there all by himself, and prompted me to ask Bob, "Why did the coyote cross the street?" :-) 
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