Karen A. Romanko (ravenelectrick) wrote,
Karen A. Romanko

There's slush in my spam

Not to worry anyone who's submitted to Raven Electrick during the current reading period (ending March 31), but a couple of submissions have ended up in my account's "spamcatcher," which has never happened before. Said submitters DID FOLLOW the guidelines, and ye old spamcatcher has had very few false positives, so I'm not sure what gives. Anyway, I rescued the submissions and will continue to monitor the spam. But please do follow the instructions on the guidelines page, including the appropriate subject heading, so submissions will easily pop out to my eye if they get caught with the spam.

One thing I haven't included on the guidelines page because I'd assumed everyone knows it's part of standard submission procedure is to include your legal name (and pen name, if you use one) on poetry submissions. I've asked for poetry submissions to be included in the body of the e-mail, and a few come in every submission period without any identifiers other than the e-mail address. I'd like to know to whom to address my response, and, particularly if it's an acceptance, not to have to ask, "who exactly are you?"

Otherwise, keep 'em coming.
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