Karen A. Romanko (ravenelectrick) wrote,
Karen A. Romanko

Cinema Spec update

I've now accepted 16 pieces for Cinema Spec: Tales of Hollywood and Fantasy, which puts me at the approximate halfway point. Here's what I've got so far:

  • Paul Abbamondi, "Obmutescence," fiction/dark fantasy/Los Angeles. 

  • Daniel Ausema, “City of Façades," fiction/speculative/movie sets.

  • Greg Beatty, "eventual, i," poem/speculative/video stores.

  • Ruth Berman, "TV Tea," poem/speculative/TV shows.

  • Robert Borski, "Reel People: The Extra's Lament," poem/science fiction/CGI.

  • G. O. Clark, "The Discovery in Roger Corman's Trunk," poem/sf-horror/Vincent

  • Robert A. Desharnais, "Shadowdancer," fiction/speculative/pre-technology.

  • Lyn C. A. Gardner, "House 5," poem/horror/movie theaters.

  • Justin Howe, "Nightmare's Daughter," fiction/suspense/cult movies.

  • Vylar Kaftan, "Starshow," fiction/science fiction/future technology.

  • Paul Milliken, "Sundowner," fiction/suspense/Hollywood ghosts.

  • Connor Moran, "Lori," fiction/fantasy-noir/gossip in old Hollywood.

  • Lisa Morton, "The End," fiction/horror/cult movies.

  • J. E. Stanley, "The Precinct of Night," poem/sf-noir/detective movies.

  • Bill Ward, "After Sundown," fiction/science fiction/movie theaters.

  • Cliff Winnig, "Kraken's Wake," fiction/science fiction/exotic location

I've now answered submissions sent through September 26 with either a rejection, an acceptance, or a hold notice. It's hard to estimate the chances of acceptance for those in the holds pile, since I have more submissions to read, and may receive still more by the deadline of Friday, 10 October. But I think I can safely say that if you've received a hold notice, you've got at least a 50-50 chance of acceptance.

I'm still looking for that elusive high fantasy story. If you can crank one out by Friday, please do send it along. Even if you've already received an acceptance for another piece, I'd be happy to double up in this particular case.



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