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Cinema Spec book launch party report

The book launch party for Cinema Spec: Tales of Hollywood and Fantasy went off without a hitch on Saturday at Bookfellows in Glendale, CA. Several contributors were on hand to read their stories and poems: Gary Clark, Bob Desharnais, Lisa Morton, and Cliff Winnig. Cliff had driven down from San Jose and Gary had motored from Davis to attend the Los Angeles area launch party, both going above and beyond the contributor's call of duty. Also in the nicer than nice department, Samantha Henderson stood in for Deborah P. Kolodji, reading Debbie's poem "Camera Obscura." And, Lisa Morton had been up since 5 AM and had worked all day before joining us. Plus, my wonderful hubby helped with the planning, put up with my incessant worrying, and schlepped all the refreshments up the stairs to the second floor of the bookstore without ever complaining once.
Thanks to Cliff, Gary, Lisa, Sam, and Bob for their wonderful support!

We had a good turnout, selling a bunch of books. The guests for the Cinema Spec launch party seemed intent on getting signatures from all the attending contributors. (It hadn't seemed this way to me at the Sporty Spec launch, where the authors and I had mainly signed for our own "entourages.") I think the authors appreciated all the extra interest.

Below is a photo of the editor, yours truly, with all the attending contributors. Left to right: Cliff Winnig, Karen A. Romanko, Gary Clark, Lisa Morton, and Bob Desharnais.

More photos are available on Facebook. This is a public link, so you don't need an account to view the pix:


(Yes, I'm afraid I'm getting addicted to that Facebook thang.)


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